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I'm a 26 year old artist born in Cali, Colombia. I've drawn since I was a child but I started to develop my drawing style when I was 15. It's been mostly an empirical journey.

I focus on blending different elements from my environment in a harmonious and balanced way while I translate human topic experiences to art: mostly emotions, and the sense of spirituality, bonding figurative to abstract, and mixing techniques. 

It is an amalgam/amalgama (like my first exhibition title points out).

All the pieces I made since 2011 are works on paper, pigment liner as the predominant element, and details as essence. During these 10 years I worked with black and white in gray scale and one more color range. 

Currently I am creating and developing a new group of art pieces. 

As I explore and live my life I come up with new themes, new artworks, that I intend to always make better. 

Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my journey.

Taken by Daniel Benavides 


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